Macedonian bridal costume from Bitola region.

The wedding costume of rural agricultural areas does not usually display an abundance of fine silks and other rich materials, however, that is not to say that these costumes are devoid of decoration. In fact, the wedding dress in several Middle Eastern and Eastern European cultures was highly elaborate, and regarded as a means of displaying the bride's dowry. The traditional bride's dress consisted of several layers embroidered and decorated by the bride, and often trimmed with coins or accessorized with an abundance of metal and jewelry. Many traditional forms of wedding apparel fell out of use in the 1930s, in favor of more modern forms of dress. They often ended up in shops and were bought by tourists.

Many of the surviving traditional "folk" wedding dresses are made up of pieces of costumes from several different regions, sometimes put together by a dealer trying to create a complete ensemble. In many countries, a recently renewed interest in the national identity has created a resurgence in the popularity of traditional wedding costume.



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