Guided by the idea of preserving cultural heritage, tradition, revival of small businesses and increased attendance at Old Bitola's Bazaar, taking Turkish delight (Lokum) as synonymous with hospitality in many cultures, we headed to realization of the festival "LOKUM MANASTIR FEST".

It is a festival of world ethno music. The festival alone itself is original and very interesting for the audience, incorporating more elements. Main part is the music, but there are other content such as: fair, exhibition of old clocks and objects, handicrafts, paintings, product presentation etc.

LOKUM MANASTIR FEST as the carrier of the festival united Macedonian Association of handicrafts, Chamber of Crafts of Bitola and other associations and individuals.

Our efforts and ambitions are aimed at achieving several objectives including:

  • protection, valorization and promotion of cultural heritage and living tradition as an integral part of our identity, with emphasis on customs, modern čalgija and old architecture.

  • Fostering cultural tourism, and increased attendance of visitors in Old bazaar.

  • Encouraging the development of traditional crafts and small businesses.

  • Creating a network of cities of the Balkans, which have an old bazaar, mutual cohesion, exchange of experiences and initiatives.

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